The Benefits of Drama Classes for Kids with Aspergers & Autism

Counting Time

When I was growing up as a kid in the 80s, Aspergers wasn’t a diagnosis, I was just a weird, clumsy and shy child who didn’t make friends that easily and never kept the ones I made.  My parents faced with this weird, shy child enrolled me in drama classes when I was 7 years old in the hope that it would cure me of my shyness.  I always remained a quiet kid, but the 13 years I spent doing drama classes had a massive impact on my life and helped me overcome some of the challenges of my Aspergers.

The major benefits of drama classes for those on the spectrum are:

1. The drama classes gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn social skills.  In acting out small scenes, I learnt the appropriate responses to certain social situations and got to try out various scenarios without embarrassing myself or…

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