Danny Elfman: Project Rabbit and Rogue Challenge!


We did not win the Danny Elfman competition (we hit the top 10 at one point!). However, we are still proud of the effort and hard work that our young trainees put into the film. So, we have posted the film here for all to see:

Congratulations to the young filmmakers from our Physical Folk Medway, ETA Project! Their first time entry into the Danny Elfman: Project Rabbit and Rogue Challenge has been accepted!

The submissions are currently being reviewed by Film Industry Judges, and the Finalists will be selected in the next two weeks.

The BUZZ ROUND for this Challenge begins RIGHT NOW! http://indi.com/8xcxk

We need to get all of our family and friends to watch and share their work on Social Media straight off of INDI (so that the judges can track it) – we need to get the message out there!

Important: Every time our Film is Shared, Liked, Favorited, Tweeted, commented on, viewed, etc, it generates INDI BUZZ points for our film – and the TOP THREE BUZZ WINNERS will not only win 2 VIP Passes to the the RABBIT & ROGUE screening at the LA Film Festival and a Selfie with Danny – their films will ALSO be guaranteed to be presented to Danny Elfman himself. If we can get in the top 3 entries this will put us in the running to have our film awarded a World Premiere screening at the prestigious 2017 LA Film Festival produced by Film Independent!

We may even have a chance to meet Danny Elfman in person!

So, please Like, Comment, Favourite, Tweet, Share, Reshare, and view our film here.

Thanks in advance, our young adults as first time filmmakers greatly appreciate it!

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