Our Videos

All of the films we make with our participants are authored and created by them. Sometimes this means that we cannot share what they make as they build up confidence in their filmmaking skills. Other times it is a private film for a real client, so cannot be shown.

However the following films have been publicly screened and you now have the opportunity to see them below!

Physical Folk Promo

A short promo film outlining what we do, from the perspective of unemployed 16 to 24 year olds.

Dash Through Time

A short promo film commissioned by Medway Council promoting the varied and diverse history of Fort Amherst, Chatham as part of the heritage Lottery Funded “Command of the Heights”.

Dash Through Time

Fort Amherst’s Command of the Heights

Dash Through Time from Physical Folk on Vimeo.

This Short Film “Dash Through Time” was commissioned by Medway Council and Fort Amherst as part of the Heritage Lottery funded “Command of the Heights” project. It was made (scripted, shot and edited) by our young trainee filmmakers, from our Film/Media Employability training course for unemployed 16 to 24 year olds in Kent and Medway. This training course was funded by the European Social Fund/Education and Skills Funding Agency.


A short film made in response to Danny Elfman’s Film Challenge to make a short film using his musical score for the LA Film Festival.

Danny Elfman: Project Rabbit and Rogue Challenge!

Hidden Consequences

A short educational film commissioned by MCCH and Kent Police about Disability Hate Crime.

Hidden Consequences Film Project

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