“Dash Through Time” Film Project

In October 2017 we were approached by Medway Council to see if our young adults from our Employment Through Arts (ETA) project were interested in making a Short Film to promote Fort Amherst as part of the Council’s Heritage Lottery Funded “Command of the Heights” Project.

We consulted our young trainee filmmakers who had just started our ESF/ESFA funded creative employability ETA project the week before if they wanted to learn by working on this ‘real world’ creative brief. They said yes. We then trained them on how to respond to a creative brief, research, camera framing, storyboarding, pitch ideas to a client, script development and so on.

Once they had recieved client approval they then started working on the pre-production skills including learning the technical skills needed for production and digital storytelling such as basic cinemaphotography, lighting, sound recording and design as well as the usual health and safety requirments of a production.

After doing some test shots in dark tunnels and doing an open casting for a Black Dog to star in the film (based on client requirements) we recruited and trained a new team to shoot the film, as most had moved onto employment. To be expected, as this is an employability programme!

When our new team had finished the shoot in Summer 2018 we then trained them up in Davinci Resolve 15 to do the Post Production editing, sound design, foley and source sound effects and music for the film.

As a finale our young filmmakers helped plan a film screening event on 22nd March 2019, hosted by Fort Amherst and organised by Medway Council. Our young filmmakers designed the publicity posters, created the running order, baked film themed cupcakes and gave emotional speeches to the invited guests.

Fort Amherst and Medway Council feature the film on their newly vamped “Command of the Heights” website. Fort Amherst also have some production photos of our young filmmakers making “Dash through Time” on this page: Film production photos.

Here is a link to the finished film on our Vimeo Channel:

Dash Through Time from Physical Folk on Vimeo.

This Short Film “Dash Through Time” was commissioned by Medway Council and Fort Amherst as part of the Heritage Lottery funded “Command of the Heights” project. It was made (scripted, shot and edited) by our young trainee filmmakers, from our Film/Media Employability training course for unemployed 16 to 24 year olds in Kent and Medway. This training course was funded by the European Social Fund/Education and Skills Funding Agency.

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