Beginner's Guide to DaVinci Resolve 16

As a Certified Blackmagic Design Training Partner we are pleased to announce the new End User Certification 101 Course in DaVinci Resolve 16 has come to Kent and Medway.

DaVinci Resolve 15 Training Videos

Blackmagic Design have released over 8 hours worth of DaVinci Resolve 15 Training Videos for free on their website! These videos are presented by their top specialist trainers who also trained us in person so that we could achieve the Blackmagic Design Training Partner status. Blackmagic Design recommends you watch the videos to get an…

Blackmagic Design releases DaVinci Resolve 16!

⁦Update! Blackmagic Design has now released a full non Beta version of Davinci Resolve 16!   Download Davinci Resolve 16 here Blackmagic Design⁩ announced major updates to industry standard post production software DaVinci Resolve at NAB Show 2019. We can’t wait to see what new features they reveal for film post production!! Blackmagic Design creates the world’s…

ETA Project Continues For Another Year!

Please Note (21/12/2020): We are no longer taking applicants for our ETA Project after 2020. Due to the U.K. leaving Europe our ESF/ESFA Funding is coming to a close in March 2021. We will continue to support current participants for our programme into early 2021. If we are offered replacement funding we will let you know….

Of Fireships and Iron #2

Originally posted on Adam Newton:
With just over a month to go now the pace of work has increased. I’m considering adding a edition of laser engravings on rusted steel panels, so have begun playing with shapes created by my collection of chains in order to restructure images harvested from the Guildhall Museum’s collection of…

Of Fireships and Iron

The Following is a Blog post of good friend and artist Adam Newton who designed our logo and exhibited recently in Rochester Art Gallery and Sun Pier House: After raking around the South East for any-old-iron over the last month, I’ve accrued quite a haul of rusted chains to work with. Thanks in particular to…

Danny Elfman: Project Rabbit and Rogue Challenge!

Update: We did not win the Danny Elfman competition (we hit the top 10 at one point!). However, we are still proud of the effort and hard work that our young trainees put into the film. So, we have posted the film here for all to see:

Holistic Imprisonment

Originally posted on Adam Mac:
HMP Wakefield has recently introduced smoke free landings which prisoners can voluntarily place themselves on in preparation for the forthcoming full ban of tobacco in prisons. This issue has attracted moans from people on both sides of the debate in recent months with smokers and non-smokers alike crying out that…