Davinci Resolve Certified Training

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As an official Blackmagic Design Training Partner we offer Certified Courses in DaVinci Resolve, Fairlight and Fusion, with an emphasis on supporting those who are new to using DaVinci Resolve.

All our courses include:

  • Minimum 5 day live online course.
  • Small class sizes of 8 to 10 students.
  • Opportunity to ask questions.
  • Price is totally inclusive (no VAT charged) and includes all learning materials, certification exam, one free resit, and extra learning support as needed.
  • 6 months post course completion career support and networking.
  • Loyalty discounts offered to returning students.

Beginners Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17

A Blackmagic Design Certified Course for Beginners based on their official Training Manual

Colourist Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17

A Blackmagic Design Certified Course for Colourists based on their official Training Manual

Editor’s Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17

A Blackmagic Design Certified Course for Editors based on their official Training Manual

“Overall, I can say that it was one of the most positive and powerful courses that I did lately, because of the teacher’s dedication and because every question I had was well received and responded too. I had the opportunity to develop and nurture new skills and everyone had the chance to learn from each other, no matter the career background. The end result of this experience was to boost my confidence in using the software and to apply this in the professional world.

I think it will be an immense help for me in finding a job. Because I have only 2 years exprience in the video/film industry (I was working in Photography before), getting the certification as an End User of DaVinci Resolve will definitely grow my chances in obtaining a Film or Video Editor position. It already helped me in a way with getting 2 job interviews and I didn’t have this chance too much before. One of my main objectives for the future is to become a Compositor and Colour Grading is one of the most powerful skills you can have in this field. I can say with confidence that I know how to use Fusion and apply this in future projects.”

— Alexandra

“Previous to applying to the course, I was self taught the basics of Davinci Resolve. I always wanted to learn how to use these tools to an advanced level, but my university didn’t offer it and it was too expensive for me to do it externally.

During the course, I was taught a wealth of knowledge, as well as being given a huge variety of resources to help future-proof my certification. After posting my certificate on social media, I was approached by 3 reputable clients (2 paid jobs and 1 independent film). I have also made friends with the other students on the course and we are already sharing opportunities and advice with each other.

I also am extremely grateful to Lance for the additional time he put aside to help me catch up when my ADHD was making it difficult for me to hold focus during the long sessions. Explaining how and why ADHD can effect my learning is often difficult to share with people, but Lance was extremely understanding and never hesitated to offer support. I am incredibly grateful for the funding to take this course.”

— Ricardo